Huile d’olive

Olive oil recognized for its many health benefits including anti-cholesterol and anti-aging.

Thanks to its monounsaturated fatty acids and its antioxidants (flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamin E), olive oil has earned its reputation as a protector of the cardiovascular system and an ally against bad cholesterol.

It is also famous in the field of beauty its fatty acids provide all that it needs of hydration to our skin and even to our hair. It is especially an effective anti-aging shield. It protects the skin from external aggressions and promotes the slowing down of skin aging.

Variétés d’olives :


The Chétoui olive is medium in size with an average weight of 2.8 g. The oil of this variety has a much lower percentage of saturated fatty acids than the oil of the Chemlali of Sfax, which makes it less frozen. The I / O ratio is 6.8 at maturity and the oleic acid represents on average 70% of the total fatty acids. Moreover, this oil variety keeps the same time of stability during the period of maturation of the olives.

At the sensory level, the olives of Chétoui give a fruity oil with intense aromas of green almond accompanied by a bitter and pungent taste perceived with an average to strong intensity.

This olive oil variety dominates the olive groves of northern Tunisia where it is presented from Grombalia to Béja and Tabarka and from Zaghouan to Bizerte.